Hello and welcome to CADEPhotographic.

Hello and welcome to CADEPhotographic.

You may have already viewed the main site at www.cadephotographic.co.uk and be wondering about the person behind the lens. In that case let me introduce myself. I am David Croker, a keen photographer based in Essex, who loves to shoot imagery of anything seen as being interesting. Of course everyones opinion of what makes an interesting photograph is individual to them, however, hopefully you have seen at least one image on my website that you found interesting.

Moving onto me, my interest in photography started at a fairly young age, using a film based point and shoot camera before having a go with my dads film-based SLR. From this point onwards, a combination of employment situations and being in the right place at the right time, led to my first digital SLR purchase, a Canon 450D. Purchasing this in itself was enough for me to be more assertive with my progression as a photographer, and I worked with a range of people as well as photographed charity events. As the past few years have gone by, I have upgraded my photography equipment and now shoot with: a Canon 60D, a combination of lenses, 4 creative filters and use remote and intervalometers to create time-lapse videos.

It is my aim that this blog not only gives you more of an insight into me as a photographer, but also highlights the photographic opportunities that I come across and enables me share them with you.

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