A decaying journey through Essex

As the title suggests, my aim today was to find photographic opportunities based around decay.

After doing some research, I planned to head towards Colchester and then on to Harwich, however, I never reached Harwich. Sometimes you find that you set out on a journey, but things crop up to change your plans. This was the case today. While travelling towards Harwich I was amazed by the scale of decay along just one road. This caused me, on numerous occasions, to find a place to turn round and return to where I had just been. To any other drivers on the road, I must have looked, at the very least, a bit weird. Not everyone covers the same stretch of road numerous times while pulling into lay-bys with a camera, but for me it was certainly worth it.

Sample decay image
If you are wondering what the rest of the image above looks like, you can see my top 10 images from today on the decay page of the main website cadephotographic.co.uk

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