The glory of rain

Been a rather rainy day hasn’t it? Woke up to it, drove to work in it, came home in it. Actually, I’ve just realised it’s finally stopped. Today reminded me of a day last year when I said to someone ‘It’s amazing how you see things differently in the rain isn’t it?’ to which they replied ‘Of course, because sometimes it’s not there’. This wasn’t quite what I meant.

What I was referring to was how rain falling on anything, brings out its characteristics differently. On this theme, I revisited my library of images and came across two which highlighted this nicely (the full images of both on the website).

However, though the images above brought out the characteristics of the objects the rain was on, I felt something was missing. Enter the black and white shot shown below. It may look like a smudge on a black canvas, but clicking it will display what  I consider to be the two main characteristics of rain itself.



One thought on “The glory of rain

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