Making (and taking) history in Hannover

This weekend I had the pleasure of combining my passion for music with my passion for photography by playing concerts in and around Hannover as part of the RBLYBB. The amazing two days allowed us to see the many sites of Hannover as well as pay a visit to Neuebult Racecourse, where one of the concerts were. As I was performing, I knew the photographic opportunities would be secondary and with this in mind I decided to set myself a challenge by only taking minimal camera gear.

My chosen set up was a 60D and a 17-50mm lens. Now to put this into perspective this gave me the equivalent of roughly 3x optical zoom. When you’re used to carrying a whole rucksack of camera gear, it was certainly going to limit my options. However, I figured out that this would actually help me to be more selective in the shots I took. For me personally, this was history making in itself as I have never gone out with just one lens. Little did I know that I would also be taking history as well as on the Saturday evening, we had a chance to wander round Hannover and see the historic sites within the city centre.

The main one that sticks in my mind, is of The Aegidien-church (shown middle). The reason for this is that though most of the historic sites have been restored, this one has been left, showing how history has impacted on the building. In turns this also leaves the angular roof line and spire free to cut through the fading sky. To me, this make for an even more memorable sight.

All images can viewed at full size on the Events, Creative and Documentary pages of

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 20.01.44

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