Behind the Scenes: Do try this at home

Having decided that this weeks behind the scenes should link in with my Impact of Colour Competition, I set about finding something that was colourful. However, I was not after your everyday colourful image. Hunting around the house I came across an old sample of shampoo (you know the ones I mean – hotel freebies but included in the price) The first one image, shown below, originally had a green tint and the plan was to capture a droplet leaving the bottle by using an external flash gun. Though capturing the droplet was achieved, the colour did not come out as expected and the bottle proved too obtrusive when using the flashgun. Time to look somewhere else.
Rooting around the same cupboard I found the answer. An orange liquid with added colour (you will see what I mean later). This was exactly what I was after and I could now get creative, seeing how many different aspects I could capture within one object. It was amazing how the different lights, surfaces and background colours led to different outcomes:
_MG_3244 _MG_3143
On reviewing all the images taken, it was then a case of deciding on the best three. Click here to see the ones I went for and then why not try this at home by seeing what everyday objects you can capture in an unusual way?

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