Do you really need an L Lens when you can maximise with macro?

Today has been beautiful hasn’t it? Sun all day and hot temperatures, an ideal day to go on a photography expedition, or so I thought. My plan was to visit Rainham Marshes and photograph birds in flight however as I wandered around, enjoying the sun, I wondered if they were going to play ball. Clearly a lot of other people had the same idea as when I visited one of the larger viewing points, it was full of bird-watchers and photographers sitting ready and waiting with Canon L lenses and Nikon equivalents.

Sitting there looking over one of the wetland areas, surrounded by lenses that made my camera look like a toy, I considered if I needed an L Lens. Very quickly I came up with two reasons for why the answer was no. Firstly, I enjoy walking around ready to shoot at spur of the moment without feeling like my wrist is going to break, and secondly, more seriously, I don’t feel the need to spend upwards of £1000 to make it part of my kit. At the moment of thinking this, one of those spur of the moment shots occurred, helping to prove my first point. As for the second, well that’s personal preference.


With this thought in mind, I set myself the challenge of using only my macro lens and seeing just how much I could shoot. The results, in my mind speak for themselves and prove to me that you really can maximise with macro.

3 thoughts on “Do you really need an L Lens when you can maximise with macro?

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