Capturing Memories: A personal take on the importance of photographs

I shall open with a question: Why do you take photos?

When I decided to write this post I asked myself this exact question and the reason I kept coming back to was to remember. A photo is a split second glimpse of life at an exact point. Never again will it be the same, and if it were to be recreated it simply wouldn’t have the same feel. A photo holds a memory, regardless of the subject matter, and in this ever changing world, photos are one of the few things that remain important to us.

Let us consider the past for a few seconds. During the victorian era, family portraits were considered highly time consuming and generally for the wealthy. Shoot forward to today, and you are probably in touching distance of at least 1 or 2 devices that could take your family portrait, as well as share it with the world in a few seconds. This is wonderful, and is something that I do on occasions, however, having spent time going through old photos recently, I have wondered whether this removes some of the memory and nostalgia. For if the image is shared and not spoken about doesn’t it become “just a photo?”

With this in mind I encourage you to do the following. Go and find a photo at random, in which ever form you like, take a look at it, spend a few seconds considering the memory it holds and then share the memory with someone else. I can assure you that if you do, that image will become more than just a photo………


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