Behind the Scenes: Sometimes Perseverance Pays Off

Today was a strange day for many reasons and with lots on my mind I headed to the garden to get some air. Thankfully the rain had stopped, and with this there was an abundance of wildlife flying around. Time to get the camera and, having learnt previously about the impact flash can have on increasing the detail in macro shots, I got the flash gun as well.

I can certainly recommend the use of flash in daylight conditions, particularly if you are trying to photograph fast moving subjects.This was the case for my second task as my aim was to capture hover flies in flight. Although fast moving, they do come to rest at times, which is great for capturing detailed images (see below), but doesn’t necessarily show the most impressive of images. Enter stage two – hover-flies doing what they do best._MG_4988
My initial attempts, shown here were ok as a composition but were nothing special due to the lack of focus. What I decided however was to find a spot where they kept coming back to. By doing this I was able to lock the focus on the plant, then as the hover-fly left it, press the shutter. Along with the use of flash gun, it became immediately evident that this was a much more successful technique. To see the final image click here.

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