Dungeness Part Two: (The Beach of Dereliction)

Following on from Dungeness Part Onethis post will focus on the beach situated a 5 minute drive from the nature reserve. When I originally decided to spend the day in Dungeness, I figured most of it would be spent on the beach due to images I had seen online. However, though I had a rough idea of what I would see, they didn’t quite prepare me for the overall feeling that you get from being in a place like that. To say is not your average beach would be a gross understatement and I will now explain why.

As I drove into Dungeness itself, there was an immediate sense of being in another world and aside from the EDF Energy Plant, it appears nothing has been industrialised. It was also very hard to tell which of the very few buildings were being lived in so, in the interests of privacy, the couple of photos I took will remain unpublished. However, this was not why I had decided to go.

Looking beyond the buildings the mix of housing styles – some modern, some beach hut like – you see a mass of pebbles and fishing boats, two lighthouses and my main reason for going there – dereliction. Now, as I hadn’t been to the area before, I figured asking the locals for permission first would be a good idea. The trouble was, there were hardly any residents around. I did however find two, both of whom worked and lived in the area and were more than accommodating with saying what I could and couldn’t shoot. Essentially this meant I could go ahead as planned, allowing me to capture the images you see below and on the creative, documentary and decay pages of cadephotographic.co.uk.

I think they speak for themselves, don’t you?


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