Photographic Reflections (January)

Whenever we start heading towards Christmas and New Year, I become nostalgic and begin to reflect on the years journey and the times that made the year that extra bit special. This year however,  I have decided to reflect on my photographic journey as well.

I am doing this not only to show my progress across the year but also because I believe that in the day and age of digital there are lots of images that get forgotten about. Of course some of them are with good reason, but every so often a photographic gem can crop up (like the one highlighted in my previous post: Every picture tells a story…)

With this in mind, I am publishing and reviewing one image from each month of the year so lets head right back to the start with a look at: The Pre-Midnight Reveller.

Setting the Scene: New Years Eve. Lady climbs onto a bollard. Starts to dance. _MG_8249

What I like: The composition and angle of the shot as I feel shooting close and upward gave the sense of scale I wanted, proving just how high she was.

What I dislike: The conversion to black and white. Though this could be classed as documentary, (where I mostly choose black and white processing), the conversion meant that some of the key parts I liked from the scene got lost. A key example of this is the fact that she was wearing a bright blue wig. This choice had to be taken though as there was a lack of detail to rescue it as a colour image.

I now invite you to comment and to reflect on images from your 2014.

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