Photographic Reflections (February)

February always makes me think of flowers. It’s the first glimpse that we get of new life in our gardens and public parks so it was no surprise that when I went over images from the February folder it was full of them. Amongst them were a few images of snowdrops, however, with the whole idea behind these reflective posts being to critique myself, I left these out and went for the one shown below. This isn’t saying that there aren’t errors in the snowdrop images, but when I looked at this image I thought why didn’t I see it differently. So lets take a look at: Flowers from the wrong angle.

 Setting the Scene: Eye-catching flowers in a wonderful garden._MG_9371

What I like: The detail within the stamens and the DoF (parts in focus vs. out of focus) with the main flower. This said, it could have been a much better image.

What I dislike: The angle/composition. I mean seriously, what I was thinking? Even if I had simply moved the camera ever so slightly to the left there would have been a better chance of rescuing it with a very heavy crop. The fact is though that the angle would have still been wrong and with there being so many of these in the garden, it’s annoying I didn’t spot the error at the time and take another one from a different angle.

However, it is from our mistakes that we learn new things so on reflection, maybe this image isn’t all that bad…

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