Photographic Reflections (March)

A reflection can makes or break an image. At times it is tough deciding whether to shoot just the reflection, ignore it altogether or combine the two. For me, reflections are there to be taken and included in the image where appropriate, as can been seen by the natural example on my main website, however, the image I am including in this post, is one which challenges this principle. So let’s look at: Too busy to reflect.

Setting the scene: First Site Colchester, two students having lunch._MG_9895

What I like:  The composition. By moving to position the students between the lines, it allows discreet attention to be drawn to them. I also like the combination of being able to see life both inside and outside documented at the same time via the same source.

What I dislike: Controversially, the number of reflections. Returning to my earlier point, it is a shame that the top half of the image is so busy and the more I look at it the more confusing it seems to become. For example where are the yellow lines coming from? Why are they different lengths? Why are some of them curved and some straight?

You may disagree but along with the wall, the paving and trees in the distance all being reflected as well, I find it all a bit much. Feel free to add your opinion below.

2 thoughts on “Photographic Reflections (March)

  1. I love reflections very much and yes not all the time you get the right balance ..personally I like the upper half of your photo..the yellow lines works well in in the composition, also the curved wall balances with the straight lines..


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