Photographic Reflections (April)

April was clearly a busy month for me and with lots of images to go through it’s taken a while to choose one. However, as I start to edge towards the mid-point of the year, I am beginning to see my development unfold and with this blog being initially set up in this month, it is hardly surprising.

The image I have chosen is one that last year I would have been happy with. I may well have even thought to myself ‘that’s a nice image’ however, that is exactly where one of my main developments has come from. By thinking about image composition more you can immediately improve. So let’s reverse the adage and take a look at: More is sometimes less.

Setting the scene: Day out at Hyde Hall Gardens. Spotted a lovely view.


What I like: The colours and cloud detail. As it was a bright spring day the sun really brought out the field as it began to turn from green to yellow and with few clouds, the fairly clear sky provided a great contrast.

What I dislike: No surprise, the composition because it goes against the rule of thirds. This rule can be interpreted in many ways but essentially it means placing an imaginary 3×3 grid over the scene you are about to photograph, allowing you to decide what should be positioned where. Now, while I don’t always consciously stick to this, this scene would have been much better if I had as the horizon is heading very close to the centre. In addition to this, the mix of land-lines caused by bushes, individual trees and fences makes for an even more confusing composition, leaving even the photographer bewildered as to where to look. It is safe to say though, that in comparison to my most recent landscape based post, it has certainly improved.

Comments welcome as ever.

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