What makes an amazing image?

As you will have seen earlier this year, I sometimes like to touch on a potentially controversial topic and having just come across an article on the BBC News Website, I felt the need to create a post relating to the question above. The chances are that the answer to this will be different for everyone, however, this why I want to discuss it.

You see, the page I am talking about highlights a range of images from brilliant photographers within the British Ecological Society’s annual photo competition, but for me though the winning image is great technically, is it amazing? To me, no, and while I am not saying that anyone could have taken it, it doesn’t particularly appeal to me as I have seen many images like it.

However, as I scrolled through the page I found three that I kept returning to: Image 4 – (Death Valley), due the drama in a single image, image 8 – (Elephants) due to being able to feel the emotion of them walking on their journey and image 10 – (Flower Mantis) due to its complexity and trying to work out where the outline of its body was.

To me these images are much more impressive than the winning one as they are different to what I have seen before and tell a story within them. For me, that is what makes me stand back and go: ‘Wow, that’s an amazing photo’. Of course, this is only my opinion though…..

Why not spend a few moments considering what makes an image amazing for you and comment below.

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