Photographic Reflections (May)

If I thought April was busy month for photography, May turned out to be even busier. However, with this it appears there has also been a dramatic increase in the number of successful images (and the ones that I was happy with). Though this is great and to be honest, quite a revelation, it has made it tricky to find one to self-critique. So after much deliberation lets look at: The fledgling blue tit.

Setting the Scene: While eating dinner, discover some baby birds in a tree. Stop eating, start clicking.


What I like: The composition and colour contrasts. It’s nice to see that the composition element of my images are improving and I am also starting to be more open to the idea of colour saturation. It helps to recognise where images need that extra boost and where they don’t.

What I dislike: The fact the shot is head on (it almost looks cross with me). To be honest with you, this is one of two images of the same bird. At the time I took them, I couldn’t decide which I preferred, but in the context of what I wanted to show (the wing detail) the second image – mentioned in a post back in May – was more successful.

Of course, there is every chance you prefer this one so why not check the other out here and comment below with your opinion.

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