Photographic Reflections (June)

Hands up if you love a sunset. Mine went up too. There is something special about it and though it signifies the day closing, it can be a time to reflect or prepare for the next one. The image I have chosen for this critique is one I vividly remember taking – as it was one of very few images from this month – and in a way, it reflects feelings that were happening during that time. However, this not the reason I have chosen it. So lets look at: A sunset that I don’t love

Setting the scene: (Think i’ve just done that bit)


What I like: The rays beaming through the clouds and the drama that this brings. In someways it could be two images but both halves need to be seen together for it to work.

What I dislike: The top-centre part of the image. I was really disappointed when I realised just how blown out this part of the image was – hence why it hasn’t been used – but after trying a heavy crop, I kept it in. You see, sometimes it is not worth sacrificing a whole image for the sake of one element not working and whilst I don’t love it, like I do this one, in all it’s not that bad.


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