Photographic Reflections (July)

So, here we are at the half way stage. Clearly July was the month for photographing as much as I could and with family events, blue skies and sunshine a plenty, it is hardly a surprise. Ironically though, when I look back at my entries for July, it reaches a surprising grand total of 3! However, it could well be a case of quality not quantity as they are detailed posts and I remember vividly the effort I put in to getting those images.

The one I have chosen for this reflection however, required no less thought or indeed effort (my failed versions back this point up) but I could never decide if I liked it as an overall image, making it an ideal choice. So lets take a look at: Distortion in the Droplet.

Setting the scene: Hot summers day. Garden needed watering.


What I like: The textural contrasts within the different droplets and the interest they bring. I also like the fact I even saw the potential of the image. The chances are that earlier in the year I would have missed the opportunity to go for a lower angle and ‘look through’ the droplet.

What I dislike: The cropping of the image. The original was much larger so to bring out the detail it needed to be cropped heavily. The trouble was though, that after numerous crop ratios (width vs height sizes) I just wasn’t comfortable enough with it to publish it on the site. Hopefully I can persue this idea next year.

As ever, comments welcomed…

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