Photographic Reflections (August)

Looking at the August folder, it would seem that as the my reviews move through the year, I have less to choose from. This could be a case of checking images immediately after taking them more often, or deleting the ones I didn’t like straight after upload. Either way, it is great and I am now seeing the fruits of my photographic journey. That is why with my chosen image it will be reviewed for a slightly different reason. So let’s look at: ‘Always check the lens..’ Setting the scene: Day out with the family. Lots of lovely plants to photograph. _MG_6230 What I like: The angle and the composition. As I mentioned back in my February review, my composition, especially of plants, hasn’t always been great and this is one of the reasons I chose this image. To me it is a lovely image and by getting down and looking up I could create an image which highlighted the plant, while making use of the natural backdrop provided by the sky.

What I dislike: The smudge in the bottom half (just below the my logo). Now, while I reckon this could be removed with software – and I am sure some of you could do it – I wasn’t able to. This is where the title comes in. If I had checked the lens before taking the image, I would have cleaned it, stopping the error occurring in the first place. Maybe next year I will change my outlook but, whilst I am still aiming to do as little as possible between original shot and upload, I will continue to check my lenses. Feel free to comment or give advice of how to remove it as aside from the smudge, it is one of my favourites of the year, which hasn’t been seen before.

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