Photographic Reflections (September)

So September was a quiet one, pretty much all my photography efforts were put into preparing for the exhibition mentioned in the only blog post for that month. This in turn has made it very tricky to find an image to critique, however, I found one. Like the August review, it will be slightly different and look at the post-processing that was needed to get it to the image you see below. So lets consider: ‘Why post-processing is sometimes worth the effort’

Setting the scene: Early September. A cracking sunset unfolds over Romford.


What I like: The silhouettes of the buildings against the brilliant pinky/orange sun and the mix of urban and natural elements.

What I dislike: The amount of post-processing required to reach the image you see above. Now, as you will have read in numerous posts this year, post-processing is something I neither enjoy nor give time to and while this will be controversial, I don’t really get it. Let me explain what I mean through describing my general workflow. I see the opportunity, take the photo, download it onto my iMac, make slight changes to the contrast/sat (probably about 10% each), upload to site/blog/facebook. That’s it. Whether this is out of necessity  or convenience I’m not sure, but why would I spend more than a couple of minutes per image post-processing it to an n’th of its origin? Well, to get results like this.

Will I spend more time post-processing in future? Lets just say it’s growing on me……


3 thoughts on “Photographic Reflections (September)

  1. Thank you for visiting my WP blog. This image is wonderful. Shooting digital you more or less need to do some form of post process. With film you need to be more skilled in lighting/exposure to avoid a lot of post work. Between the 2 photo mediums (digital/film) photographers find their own creative niche and explore from there. Keep us updated.
    I need to jump more onto WP. With quite a few of my own social media sites that I’m managing a few are falling off to the wayside.

    Look forward to seeing more of your work! Happy Holidays… ~A~


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