Photographic Reflections (October)

So here we are in the penultimate self-review of the series. When I decided to do this, I was dubious of the response I would get and how I would choose the right images, however, it has been a highly positive experience all round. Now, with plenty of posts in October and the launch of my online store, I have had a whole range of images to choose from, however, the I am going to critique ‘The Rooftops of Romford’ as for some reason, I keep coming back to it.

Setting the scene: Looking out the balcony window and towards London I see an everyday view in a different way.


What I like: The contrasting angles created by the different shapes. The black and white conversion which in my opinion brings out the details more.

What I dislike: If I’m honest, I’m struggling to answer this one. I suppose it could be the fact that I didn’t bring London more into the image. However, realising that I already had an image of that view, I made the informed decision not to. This would have also meant losing the most contrasting element, the Queens Hospital which I feel really adds to the image. Maybe this is what progress looks like……


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