Photographic Reflections (November)

So here we are, at the end of my photographic reflections series. It has been great fun and an ideal project for the closing of another year. It has not only meant getting used to posting regularly, but also getting used to tailoring my posts to suit specific single images.

This has probably been one of my biggest learning curves photography wise as when I started this blog back in April/May, I felt I needed to include everything but now I take more consideration in what I post. With this in mind I am going to look at an image which, though taken at Dungeness Nature Reserve, had no place in the post at the time so lets review: ‘It’s an invasion. Get the macro out!’

Setting the scene: Walking around the nature reserve without seeing much, then an invasion of winged bugs. Time to get close.


What I like: The chance to use my favourite lens (Canon 60mm macro). The composition, as this is the original crop. In my mind a great success which demonstrates correct framing at high speed.

What I dislike: The lack of detail in the wing. Though having a lot of these insects flying around should have meant more chances, each one only settled for a few seconds, making it very tricky to pre-empt their position. Would I have preferred greater focus? Yes. However, as these reviews have taught me, you have to look for the good in your images rather than focus on the bad. That, right there, is definite progress.

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One thought on “Photographic Reflections (November)

  1. I really like this image. I see your point about the wing not being in detail, but then my mind then switches and views the Legs tightly gripping the branch. Both being in great focus. So then I begin to think that the whole point is about this insect is holding onto something so tightly……. What I’m trying to say is I actually really like it better this way! It creates more of a “story” than if the wing had been classically In Focus. You have great photography skills!


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