Photographic Resolutions for the New Year

With all the festivities out the way, it has come to the time of deciding on resolutions. I don’t know about you, but I tend to only set a few, if any at all as I prefer challenges throughout the year. Even as the last couple of weeks of 2014 passed I myself the task of revamping the website. However, as I really want to develop my skills as a photographer this year, I have decided on a few to reflect this. So here they are:

Use my Canon 50mm 1.8 Lens. If I’m honest, I forget this is even in my bag. When I first dabbled in photography, I worked with a few models so it came in very handy, but it has since been collecting dust. It is thanks to an essex based photography group though that I will definitely use it more often as there is an ongoing project.

Learn a little bit more about photo editing. One particular image (the one below) in my reflections series towards the end of last year, allowed me to see the benefits of editing and whilst I still want to keep close to the original image, knowing a bit more will probably be useful.


Decide where I want to go with my photography. This is going to be a much harder one to achieve but I feel it is important to decide. In an ideal world I would like to be taking images for more than just individual pleasure, however, I would like to keep it as ‘stress-free’ as possible. To help me with this decision I have purchased a higher quality telephoto lens, proving to myself that I am taking things more seriously and will begin to try and make contacts in the early part of this year.

I now invite you to make your own photographic resolutions.

4 thoughts on “Photographic Resolutions for the New Year

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