First night with the Canon 100-400mm

So, as i mentioned in my resolutions post, I bought a new lens and have been very eager to put it good use. However, I have also now gone back to work leaving me with little daylight to use it. This is why I was thrilled to see a full moon tonight.

A tricky first subject some might say but I had to try it and mounting the lens to my 60D headed to the loft room. Even after taking only a few shots I thought ‘WOW’ , I now looked to the right (towards London) and thought I would try my luck. These however, were nowhere near as successful so will retry another time.

With the moon shots looking great in camera, I downloaded them and risked a heavy crop. Think I’ll let the image tell you the rest……


3 thoughts on “First night with the Canon 100-400mm

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