Photographic Resolutions: Review One

You may well remember that at the start of the month I set myself 3 new years resolutions. Each of these were specifically chosen to enhance my development as a photographer and in order to track this I will post a monthly update.

Resolution 1: Use my Canon 50mm more often. This has definitely been achieved due to the Facebook group I mentioned previously, however it has also led to a new achievement: thinking outside the box. As the idea is to upload one a week, it has meant me generally looking around the house for ideas, and while this has led to some ‘random’ images, in this context of the project they work very well.

Resolution 2: Learn a little bit more about editing. 
There has been some definite progress here and has led to more positive responses to my images in a range of contexts. Take the two images below. By getting used to how to work with shadows and highlights, I was able to bring out the detail taken in the original image and keep it looking natural and vibrant as it was in the setting

Resolution 3: Work out where to go with my photography. 
This will remain an ongoing decision however, my first steps towards this have taken place with a slimming down of the main website so that it highlights the fact I am specialising in Nature Photography and Events Photography. I have also added costings to events page and changed the wording on the home page to make it clearer what I am offering.

So, one month in, a pretty good start. Roll on February.

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