Photography Forums – What’s your view?

Recently I have joined a few different websites which discuss a range of aspects relating to photography. Some give me the opportunity of displaying my work and getting feedback. Others give advice on techniques and open up discussions about them through comments.  However, how beneficial are these?

Let’s consider the fact that as soon as the image goes online (in the case of the first point) thousands, possibly millions of fellow photographers can see it and say what they like about it, or, in the case of a particular one ‘show it affection’. This is what made me write this post. What brought it to my attention even more though was the number of emails I got saying that people had ‘liked’ my image which was put on a site merely minutes earlier. How beneficial is that, really?  Now for the second point.

Think of a photographic technique you want to know more about. Got one? For the purposes of this I will use noise reduction as it links with my photo editing new years resolution. I’ve just gone onto a site, typed in noise reduction and it brought up at least 10 articles. I then read the article based on Photoshop, which though very informative was a bit confusing, however, not as confusing as the comments. So, with all the confusion, how worthwhile are they?

What’s your view? Get involved by commenting below, I would love to hear your opinion……

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