Focus on one thing and stick to it – Part 1

I unexpectedly had the chance to visit the south coast on Thursday, Shoreham-by-Sea to be exact and whilst it was wet, windy, sleeting and freezing, I wasn’t going to let it get in the way of a few hours photography. Having never even considered going there before, (the opportunity was linked to my partners work), I was delighted to see that there was a large stretch of coastline near to where she was working for the day. So, after donning walking boots, over-trousers, gloves, hat and a waterproof coat I stuck my camera on the tripod and off I went. It’s always tricky to know where to head for when visiting a place for the first time but the decision had been made to make my way along the coastline.

Now, I should probably point out at this stage that I rarely go to the coast and certainly would never change lenses there. However, when you are greeted with such an expanse of, well, not a lot, it can sometimes be impossible to make the most of it without changing. A key example if the photo below. See the issue?


I will get back to that image in a bit but for now, lets continue our journey along the coastline.

Initially, the sparseness took me right back to Dungeness, however, I soon realised it wasn’t going to be the same and instead of just capturing the coast as it was, I was going to need to look beyond the obvious. It was strange how now that I have decided to put my efforts into photographing the natural world that I am seeing things differently, shooting from different angles, being more selective with the images I’m taking and generally giving it a lot more thought. Here are a couple from early on in the journey.

Seeing that there was what appeared to be a harbour wall, I chose to head towards it, and sticking with the theme, continued to look for subjects that I wouldn’t normally notice. What I didn’t realise though was just how far away the wall was and although it doesn’t look it, it was actually about a mile away. This walk however, would prove to be very beneficial.


On reaching the harbour wall, I decided to stop for lunch and on placing my rucksack and camera on the wall, I was joined by the Turnstone in the earlier image. To say I was thrilled would be an understatement as I had seen one earlier but it was too close to focus on. You, may be thinking at this point ‘surely the issue is the same?’ That’s what you would imagine however, this bird stayed around for about 15 minutes giving me time to change lenses 3 times for a range of shots. My two favourites are below.


So there you have it, a set of images that prove how when you focus on one thing and stick to it, the results can prove to be very rewarding. However, if you’re not convinced, pop back in a couple of days to see part 2.


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