Photographing childhood memories

Here’s a question for you: What childhood memories do you have? I’m sure you have some that spring to mind straightaway, but there may also be ones that you only remember through seeing photographs. Maybe it’s a favourite time with your family, maybe it’s an event that happened at school or maybe it’s a favourite place you visited, either way the experiences we have as children and the memories they leave can affect us dramatically. Equally, they can lay dormant in the back of our minds and spring out when we least expect it. This was the case with me recently when looking for places to photograph.

As I trawled the internet to look for places I hadn’t been to, I came across the Essex Parks website. Not one I would have taken much notice of normally, however as I looked through it, I was reminded of a place called Belhus Woods Country Park. Immediately, I thought back to my childhood and the photos I had been shown of family times there, so, with this in mind, I headed out to gather some more up to date memories to go with the childhood ones. Here are a few I’d like to share.

So, if you have photographs that remind you of something, I encourage you to find them and discuss them. And, incase you need more encouragement, take a look at my Capturing Memories: A personal take on the importance of photographs post here.

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