Photographic Resolutions: Review Two

Forgetting that February is the shortest month nearly led to me missing the update post on my resolutions. Fear not though, I have made it in time. It is interesting how even though I only made 3 resolutions, I have realised that I have forgotten the first one completely this month which has led to the 50mm lens remaining in the bag and getting next to no use. In contrast however, the other two are proving to be much more achievable and in truth, very enjoyable. So, here’s where I am at with them:

Resolution 2: Learn a little bit more about editing. I never thought I would actually enjoy editing images but as this month has passed, this is proving to be the case, and to benefit of my photography. The main reason I didn’t edit images before was that I felt it detracted from the image that was originally conceived. On the whole, this is still the case and whilst I am still getting used to how to use some more complex techniques effectively, some are developing nicely. Take a look at the images below for example.

_MG_9574 2 _MG_9574

By editing the image through crop, saturation, highlights/shadows and contrast changes, it goes from a very flat looking image to one which is, in my mind, much more successful. What this has also proved, is the point first mentioned here, that post-processing can really be worth it.

Resolution 3: Work out where to go with my photography. This, like the previous resolution is gaining pace and is also giving me confidence to explore other avenues. A key part of this is the pricing structure for my events photography. This is something that I have be working on for pretty much the whole month and whilst it is almost there, I am not ready to release it yet. Watch this space.

On the side of my nature photography, the portfolio has also been building nicely with me taking more consideration when shooting. A proof of this is  that my success rate is increasing even though I am returning from a trip with considerably fewer images compared to a few months back. In turn, this had led to me having many favourites, like the one below as well as those already posted this month.


Hope your resolutions are going just as well.


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