Photographic Resolutions: Review Three

Just where has March gone? It has been a strange month for me, and at times my photography has been what has kept me going. What has also been really interesting is that whilst I have yet again forgotten to use my 50mm lens (Resolution 1) the others have fallen into place nicely. So here is a quick round up.

Resolution 2: Learn a little bit more about editing. In last months review I mentioned that I didn’t realise how much I would enjoy editing, this month has shown me that once you get into a routine, it can help you to bring out the best parts of your image. In addition, it has helped me to make some artistic decisions about what I am trying to achieve. Take the before and after images below as an example.

Resolution 3: Work out where to go with my photography. This hasn’t been as clear this month, however, there was a weekend early in the month which effectively allowed me to do a test run of being an events photographer. It’s funny how things sometimes turn out as when I was invited to the event as a guest, I was tempted to ask if there was an official photographer however, I forgot to ask and there wasn’t. It was good job I took my camera and flashgun then. Not only did this mean that guests saw me as the photographer, but also that I could test the water in terms of post-event workflow. This led me to set myself a deadline, edit the images, post them in a password protected gallery/allow purchases through the website and create a high-res disc for what turned out to be a very happy client. This was a great experience and having done one, I can’t wait for my first as the official photographer.

So, with the first quarter of the year down, things are going rather well and with this blog and turning a year old next month, review four is sure to be a good one.

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