Birthday blog post

The day has arrived, the blog is now officially one year old. Like the website, I didn’t really know how it would go and as I didn’t initially intend on having a blog, wasn’t sure that I needed it. However, I have proved to be wrong on that last one for this blog has allowed me to connect with many others – both in the UK and much further afield – and become involved in discussions, give feedback and have a general admiration for photographers. But what about myself and how the blog has affected me. To answer that, we need to re-look at two parts of my opening post:

”Hello and welcome to CADEPhotographic.

… let me introduce myself. I am David Croker, a keen photographer based in Essex, who loves to shoot imagery of anything seen as being interesting. 

It is my aim that this blog not only gives you more of an insight into me as a photographer, but also highlights the photographic opportunities that I come across and enables me share them with you.”

If you wish you can read the rest here, but it’s not important for this point. You see, the first extract is a million miles from where I am now. Yes I’m still keen (of course I am) but it has gone way beyond that and I now go out to photograph specific subjects. The second extract has definitely been achieved and hopefully you have enjoyed reading my posts over the past year. What has been most interesting though, are the responses to different types of post so to complete my birthday post, here are a few of my favourites as well as some of yours. Happy reading:

Finally captured the (Red) Kite: 3 Likes, first full post after welcome
Do you really need an L Lens when you can maximise with macro?: 12 Likes, first double figure like
Behind the Scenes: A Tree-light at Night: 10 Likes, one of my favourite images yet
Dungeness Part One: (RSPB Nature Reserve): 15 Likes, the place I have wanted to go to for ages
Wildlife from my window – 11/01/15: 17 Likes, opening of what was meant to be a regular feature
Spring has sprung (indoors): 20 Likes, all images taken at home and first one to show real creativity
Sunshine and Spring Blossoms: 14 likes in the shortest amount of time




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