Armed Forces Day – #Romford

The last couple of weeks have been rather hectic with a lot of changes taking place and a lot of time being taken up with highly exciting, non-photography based things. However, today was the first day I have had nothing planned so with that in mind, I paid a visit to the Armed Forces Parade in Romford. Like I’m sure many of you, I have connections with people who are either currently serving or have served in the forces so it was hard to not get slightly overwhelmed by todays parade. I planned to get there a little early to both soak up the atmosphere and take some ‘test shots’ ready for when the form up took place and as the Royal British Legion Band & Corps Of Drums Romford played and more troops began to arrive, a real sense of excitement and patriotism could be felt. Now to capture it.

Having not planned to go till the last minute, my first task was to work out where it would be going to and when different moments would be happening. A thank you at this point to a cadet who gave all the information I needed who without, I would have got very few shots. Having considered two photographic approaches – spectator view point or get ahead and shoot as a photographer – I went for the latter. It was great fun and running to get ahead of the parade while carrying equipment on my back, meant I could spot shots in advance. Dare I say it, but this did make me feel a little bit professional. Funnily enough, a couple of ladies asked what paper I was from……

After the parade, there was a brief ceremony which gave me the chance to capture some of the more intimate moments of the morning without running around. This provided a great contrast meaning I could take more time to observe and see what moments would correctly reflect this part of the morning. I feel that each of the images i’ve included here do just that and one in particular, I find to be rather emotive. I wonder if you can guess which.

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