Photographic Resolutions: Review Five

The last couple of months have been hectic to say the least meaning that I missed last months catch up on my resolutions. So I will cover both months in this post.

Resolution 2: Learn a little bit more about editing.

This is progressing brilliantly and with me using Lightroom every time I upload a photo, I am getting regular practice. Before I discovered Lightroom, my editing process was rather clumsy, making it more hit and miss and less uniform across different images, however, with the newly discovered copy and paste settings this issue is solved. Here’s a selection of my favourites to highlight my increasing knowledge at editing a range of images:

Resolution 3: Work out where I want to go with my photography.

This hasn’t been as clear cut as the previous months, however, this has been beneficial as I have had the confidence to just go with my ideas and bite the bullet a bit more. The last couple of months have seen the introduction of guest bloggers (through Essex Student Photographers), starting with Kellie Brownlie (view her work here) more emails sent to events companies (one resulting in an official quote being sent), and the securing of another exhibition space at one of my favourite places, Rainham Marshes (more details to follow). Looking ahead there are some exciting things in the pipeline including a new, more streamlined website design so watch this space.

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