Phases of Flowers

A few months back I planted some wildflower seeds in the garden and as time has gone on, I’ve been hoping that they would come into bloom. The fact is, that like most elements of gardening, it can take ages to see any progress, but gradually the seeds have begun to grow. The weather that we have been having recently has made for ideal growing conditions and the mix of yellows (Corn Marigold) and blue (Cornflower) have started to combine beautifully. However, I have also realised that I put far too many seeds out, meaning that some of the smaller flowers and the poppies are getting left behind.

Now, seeing as I post a lot of flower based images, I wanted to focus of the differences between ones that have grown fully and those that are yet to arrive. This is why they may not be the ‘traditional’ flower images you have come to expect. I have also included a ‘bonus image’ as I found a seed pod from my fully grown pansies featured here

So, next time you are in the garden, look at your flowers, and those that are yet to arrive. You may well see them in a different phase of their life.

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