Photographic Resolutions: Review Six

Reaching the half way point of these resolutions, it is safe to say that progress is being made……

Resolution 2: Learn a little bit more about editing.

This month, has seen me dabble in the world of HDR. Now for those of you who are unsure about this you essentially take 3 versions of the same scene (one as you normally would, one darker than normal and one lighter than normal) and then combine them together in a program (I used the demo version of Photomatix – hence the watermarks) to get a clearer, more accurate version of the scene. Now, whilst I have given it a go, it is not something that I expect to use a lot as it is very dependant on the subject. However, as my first couple of attempts show, it can be very effective in the right context.

Resolution 3: Work out where I want to go with my photography.

This has certainly been achieved in many ways this month and can be seen as a milestone. As you will have seen from the previous post, the new website launched a couple of days back, securing my future route in nature and events photography. As promised last month, this new site is streamlined and professional looking and allows the images to say more than they did previously. I find it personally quite interesting looking back through old versions of sites and logos and I feel I have come a long way since I first ‘had a go’ at designing my website. In addition to the new site, I have developed this blog to incorporate links to my main site, secured an event shoot, and submitted images to different locations. Now that’s progress.

I wonder what August will bring……

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