Naming Ceremony at Langtons House, Hornchurch

A few weeks back I was asked to photograph my first official events job – a naming ceremony at Langtons House, Hornchurch. Having never been to a naming ceremony before, I did some research to find out what it was and asked the client what style of photographs they would be expecting. The brief was essentially simple –  nice photos of the family – however, after discovering on a visit 2 weeks ago that the grounds were being completely renovated, I needed to think differently. This is where the main house came in, and after taking a few test shots while there, I knew it would provide a great alternative backdrop for the following weeks event.

On the day of the ceremony, I arrived early to get my bearings and as I took some final test shots, started to get a little nervous. This was to be expected, but once the guests began to arrive, the nerves subsided and I hit my stride. It was a lovely ceremony to be part of and the spontaneous moments that occurred allowed me to capture some relaxed and natural looking shots.

After the main ceremony, the guests went out to the grounds and I began to take the group shots. My plan for this was to gradually increase the size of the group based on the pre-arranged set ups discussed with the client. This called for me to try and maintain the relaxed atmosphere of the ceremony while concentrating on getting the guests positioned correctly, including 8 children. Not an easy task for a first shoot. Thinking methodically, I realised that taking it steady and checking positions all the time was the answer. This ensured that faces could be seen as much as possible and I could get some lovely images for the client.

So, how do I feel now my first official events job is complete? A little sad actually. Here’s to the next one.

2 thoughts on “Naming Ceremony at Langtons House, Hornchurch

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