Seeing clearer with Lightroom

Quite a few weeks back I posted that had switched to Lightroom for my post-processing. At the time I didn’t really know how much of an impact it would have but WOW, what a transformation. Not only is this program teaching me to think differently about how I edit an image, but also how to take an image. Before Lightroom, I would take an image and refer to the shot information after every few images, deleting what I felt wasn’t right, but now it’s different. Let me get technical for a moment.

When the camera records the image, it actually records data and it is then up to the photographer to decide what to do with it. This data includes highlights (the brighter areas of an image) and lowlights (the darker areas of the image). These areas are the ones that need the most control, the midtones (the ones in the middle) can be created if need be. These highlights and lowlights are what I now look at different as I am starting to realise what can be done. Put simply, even if an image appears very dark/very bright when taken, more of it can be used than I would have thought previously.

So how best can I illustrate this point? Well, as there is no point in doing it with a new image, I relooked at an image  from a couple of years back – that I thought was superb at the time – and put Lightroom to the test.

As you can see, the third image is much improved, and through tweaking some of those highlights/lowlights (as well as some toning down and a small crop) I have achieved what I love: A natural looking image.

So next time you take a photo and review it, think for a few seconds before deleting it, the chances are that it’s better than you think.

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