A Photographer’s Holiday

It’s funny how things have changed over the past couple of years. I used to go away on holiday and take hundreds, possibly thousands of photos and just upload them onto a computer with many of them never to be seen again. However, my recent holiday to the south-west (where the Red Arrows were), showed to me that not only do I take a lot fewer images, I consider them with my photographers eye. It would seem that long gone are the days of me taking holiday snaps and instead, I now create holiday images. So what has changed.

Firstly, I’ve realised that taking a considered shot is a much better option than taking lots of unconsidered ones. The three images below are pretty much straight out of camera, apart from a little bit of haze correction and in my opinion, the considered composition makes the images.

Secondly, I’ve learnt to step back from the camera at times and just enjoy what I am seeing and thirdly, I’ve learnt to take more care when editing to create the final holiday image.

When I get saw the images of Dartmouth Harbour when I uploaded them, I was a bit disappointed. However, by using my Lightroom skills, I could sympathetically bring back the wonderful array of colour I saw when visiting. I can’t remember a holiday in the past when I spend a decent amount of time doing that. I will in future.

It is highly possible that after reading this you may feel that my holiday switched from being a holiday where photos are taken to a holiday for taking photos, but you would be wrong. What it does instead, is help to create a clearer reminder of a holiday that a photographer went on.

So next time you get home with your holiday snaps, why not see if you can create your own holiday images.

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