Water Drop Photography

Today I spend the afternoon with some other photographers trying to capture the moment when water reacts with itself. This is something that I tried many years ago and at the time gave up as I didn’t really have any idea what I was doing. However, today was different. Surrounded by others who had been in the same boat, I set about photographing droplets using a high-tech timer and dropping fruit into a fish tank. What I found amazing was that even with the high-tech option, there was no guarantee what the droplet would look like or if the image would be any good. However, after quite a few attempts, I managed to get something usable.

Moving onto the fruit, the idea was to drop the fruit in the fish tank and photograph it. Now, while the first part was simple, capturing the moment I wanted was almost as tricky as the water droplet. Having seen most of the others start with strawberries, I set about my plan to capture them suspended in the water along with the splash that they created on entry and thanks to some great teamwork with counting, this was achieved. I then moved onto a lemon and a lime which, due to their size, proved to be quite a lot harder. However, the teamwork came in handy again and after changing the counting speed along with improving the timing of the shutter release, I got some shots that I felt at one stage were unachievable. An afternoon well spent.

Here are my favourite’s:

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