Photographic Resolutions: Review Nine

So October came and went in the blink of an eye, so quickly in fact that I wasn’t able to take too many photos. Therefore this review will be rather short.

Resolution 2: Learn a little bit more about editing.

Unlike previous months where I have explored how editing images brings out the best in them, this month I discovered the art of deciding when less in more. The images featured in the Water Drop post were barely edited and apart from a little bit of contrast improvements, remained pretty much as originally shot. Likewise, doing a straight conversion in the Landscape in Monochrome image without changing shadows etc helped keep it true to the original intention. I have since tried this on another image and it proved to work just as effectively.

Resolution 3: Work out where I want to go with my photography.

As mentioned earlier, with little time for taking of photos, I haven’t really considered this. I have however, decided to use some of my images to create a Nature of the UK Calendar which will be available to purchase through the main website in a few days time, so keep your eyes peeled for a post about this shortly.

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