When in Rome…

… Photograph at Night.

One of the great things about my trip to Rome was getting the opportunity to see how areas both new and previously visited during the day looked after dark . It was amazing how as the twilight hour began to fade into full darkness, the buildings and the areas some how stood out even more. Like the day shots featured in the previous post, I wanted to keep my images varied, however, achieving this would be much harder as without a tripod, getting clear shots at longer exposures would require some alternative thinking. Utilising the surrounding street lighting, I took a few test shots outside the Vatican and captured two of my favourite images of the week.

As the week progressed I was able to explore more side streets and capture the shapes and patters that were created as the light changed. However, in moving away from the street lighting, I was relying on a steady hand to capture longer exposures with minimal noise. Finding out that I could remain steady for longer than I imagined was brilliant as I was able to capture the shots I had pictured in my head. A key example of this was the image taken of the Piazza Barberini Fountain. There was however, one stand out shot that I really didn’t expect to get, but was delighted that I did. Though it may take some believing, this image was taken from Piazza del Quirinale which is situated roughly 2.5 miles away, but after reading about the view in the guidebook, I figured it was worth the walk. As I am sure you will agree, it really paid off.

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