Looking ahead: My plans for 2016

Now that all the new year festivities are done and dusted, it’s the perfect time for me to look ahead to what I hope to achieve in 2016.

My personal projects for the forthcoming year are as follows:

  • Increase my output of events work to cover music events (combining two of my passions).
  • Feature in more exhibitions and update the images currently on display to reflect my current level of photography.
  • Increase the number of print sales through linking directly to website images and price lists.

In addition to these goals, I will be introducing two regular blog features:

The first, called ‘Black and White Wednesdays’, will give me the opportunity to showcase an image of my choosing that has not been seen in black and white before and unlike posts last year, only the black and white version will be uploaded. The image may be a newer one, an older one or one taken especially taken for the post but unlike all other posts, it will be left alone to speak for itself.

The second, called ‘Favourite video Friday’, will be released every other Friday and will focus on a video I have found that relates a photographic interest. The topics will be wide ranging and while it will sometimes be a technique that I want to improve on, other times it could be someone talking about their style. Each of these posts will feature an overview of what it covers, what I liked about it and, where appropriate, an example of how I applied it to an image.

While they are very different, it is my hope that both of these posts will make the blog even more enjoyable for you, every time you visit.

Happy 2016, it’s going to be a great year.

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