London through a (phone) Lens

Last Wednesday I got a rare opportunity to visit London. As this was for a course, I didn’t even think to take my camera however, with it being quite a nice evening, I decided to wander around for a bit and see what I could capture using my phone. It’s safe to say that I don’t normally use it apart from for taking the odd selfie or a reference image so I figured it would be a little challenge for myself.

My journey started at Picadilly Circus and after wandering around there for a bit I took in some of China Town, Leicester Square and then finished off at the Mall. Knowing from past experience that the zoom is poor at best, (especially at low light), I decided that I would take all my shots without using it and crop later.

What was great about doing this, was that not only did I see things I hadn’t seen before (such as the Picturehouse Cinema and the Lumiere installations being set up), but I also gave more consideration to the composition element rather than the settings. This was actually a welcome change to the norm and while taking photo’s on my phone won’t become a regular occurence, it did show me how my skills in composition have developed.

A worthwhile challenge completed.

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