Exhibition Time: Preview One

As the title suggests, I have successful gained my own exhibition space and in the run up to it going live, I will be releasing preview images each Sunday until the end of the month. The space is one that I have visited a lot over the past couple of years and always thought – ‘It would be great to exhibit here’. The location? Rainham Marshes.

Now, if you are a regular visitor to the blog you may well remember that I took part in a joint exhibition at the same place last. However, while that was a great opportunity and I was thrilled to have one of my images displayed, this is a somewhat more involved task as I will be exhibiting a total of 26 images. The largest I have had to prepare in one go. Choosing the majority of the images has actually been relatively straight forward so far and as I bulk-printed some previously, some were ready to go. Others however, have required a slight re-think due to the 10×8 print size that I have gone for.

The final exhibition will feature a selection of mounted and framed images which will be available to purchase, but, in the meantime here are the first few are ready to go.

You can catch my exhibition in the Purfleet Hide, Rainham Marshes 28th February – 5th March.

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