Favourite Video Friday: The amazing photography of Stephen Wilkes

Last week while browsing through my twitter (@CADEPhoto), I stumbled across the work of a photographer called Stephen Wilkes. Though I had never heard of him before, as soon as I saw one of his preview images I simply had to find out more.

Which video and why did I choose it?
Unlike my previous posts in this series, this is the first time where it will be entirely dedicated to the work of someone else. My first port of call was to try and find out more about his Day into Night series of images as this was what had grabbed my attention. However, after searching for videos on Stephen, I realised there was much more to his work than just this. There were many different videos that I watched while deciding which one to include – some about Stephen’s photographic styles, some on the equipment he uses and some about his editing styles. Out of these, I choose one of his interviews: Photographer Spotlight: Stephen Wilkes

What I really liked about this video was that it showed Stephen giving an in depth self reflection of his style and why he chooses to photograph what he does. It is also quite a telling interview and while it does focus on the Day into Night series, I couldn’t help but feel that he takes this challenging and highly detailed approach into his other work as well.

I highly recommend that you spend just a few minutes of your Friday watching this video, as even if you are not a photographer, you will find it hard to not be taken a back by the work involved. Click here to be taken to it directly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npdau9wOjco

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