Exhibition Time: Now showing at Rainham Marshes

So today saw the launch of my week-long exhibition at Rainham Marshes and what an experience it has already been. Last night saw me making final adjustments, checking I had framed all I wanted to and packaging my 25 images ready for transit, and this morning saw me loading the car just as the sun was rising on a crisp winter day.

On arriving, I made my way to the Purfleet Hide and was met with the expanse of wall that I was to fill with my images. I didn’t expect it to be as daunting as it was (as I have seen other photographers work displayed there) but it really gave me a sense of how much I was going to achieve over the coming week. Starting with the middle images and working outwards seemed like the best idea, and slowly the display began to take shape. I then began to swap pictures over to get the best layout and best variation of colours. Benefit of hindsight, I would have planned this out before, however, as I wasn’t entirely sure of the hook layout I couldn’t do this.

After making so final changes and reviewing the display as a whole, I reached the final layouts shown below.

You can view the exhibition in the Purfleet Hide, Rainham Marshes between 28th February – 5th March.

3 thoughts on “Exhibition Time: Now showing at Rainham Marshes

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