So that was February……

Slightly late with the February recap so without further ado, here it is:

As last month went by, I started to get into a great routine with my posts, which, as expected with the regular ones, is allowing me to get ahead. However, this said, there have been less ad-hoc posts. What has proved most beneficial  about the regular posts, is that they are allowing me to try new techniques and look for new ideas, which is also helping me to develop. Since the January post, I have also signed up to the One Photo Focus challenge, which is really helping me to improve my editing skills and in turn get to grips with Lightroom. The main triumph from February though, has to be my exhibition. What an experience that was and the best thing is that it gave me exposure and helped me prepare for future events.

The video posts, are also taking shape with an editing based and a photographer based one being posted last month.

I hope you are enjoying the new additions to CADEPhotographic this year and if you would like recap any of the posts, you can find them here. I wonder what March has in store….

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