Old image, new light…

As I dismantled my exhibition last weekend, it got me thinking about how long ago some of the images were taken and if I were to retake any, what would I do differently? While talking to someone about this point, I highlighted my favourite ladybird image as a slightly ‘lucky shot’ and how that ‘lucky shot’ kind of set the standard for my photography (i.e. I wanted all of my considered images to be just as good). Seeing as we can’t go back in time and revisit a location/event exactly as it was, I decided to hunt around to find what I considered my best landscape from a similar time and give it a new lease of life using the knowledge I have now.

The chosen image was taken on a holiday to the Lake District in 2012, at a very early stage of my photographic development. I remember considering the composition, watching the clouds and thinking about how to use the bench to my advantage. What I didn’t consider though, was shooting in RAW or how I would edit it.

The first version, is the original file (last edited in 2012) which as I am sure you will agree is dull and nothing all that special (what as I thinking??). The second, is the 2016 edited version which has has had a couple of graduated filters applied and a small amount of dodging (brightening) in the trees to the right. The final version, is a conversion of the recent one. Makes me wonder how many others deserve a 2016 revamp.

Would love to hear thoughts.

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