One Photo Focus: April

Following on from my previous posts in this series (ABFriday),  here is April’s entry. The image sent this month was provided by Cee Neuner of Cee’s Photography.

The initial image:

Unlike the other two posts in this series, which have been of subjects I haven’t edited before, this month gave me the opportunity to revisit how I process an old building. One thing that I have always loved about this style of image is the history captured and the story that it tells/questions it asks. In terms of the editing style, well that was relatively straight forward, so revisiting similar images of this style, I set about the editing process.


The editing process:

Although I have edited this style of image in the past, I wanted to give it a go using different techniques before I went in my usual direction. This proved to be a fantastic learning curve for seeing how I felt emotionally about editing an image that far (i.e. doing a close crop and maximising the clarity – giving the harsh lines). However, as you can see below, I soon returned to a more comfortable, and hopefully more pleasing editing style.

The images above were achieved through applying a number of my usual processes however, as a last-minute decision, I chose to add some grain and remove the slight blue colour cast in the distance (right hand side). I feel that these were probably the most successful processing elements of this image as it seems to add to the oldy-worldy feel of the barn. One thing I couldn’t decide on though was the amount of grain to add – hence why I have uploaded two versions. I would love to hear which one you feel it better/nicer.

Will I be doing this again?

As you may well have realised, this will now be a regular monthly feature which is not only great fun, but great for learning.

If this has inspired you to get involved in the One Photo Focus Series (and I hope it has), you can few the other entries here, and find out the details here.

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