Favourite location, different direction – Part 1

Last Friday, the sun was shining and it was warm which meant only one thing: a day out with my camera. As ever, I thought of places to go and for ease and familiarity, I chose to stick with one of my usual haunts: Rainham Marshes. Now, before you think ‘I’ve seen this post before’ this first post (of two) is not like what you have seen before, as for a change I chose to go left instead of right out of the visitor centre leading to a very different experience of Rainham to what I usually have.

Turning left meant that I was on part of the London Loop (section 24 to be exact) which is the final section of a set of walks which stretch 152miles from Purfleet to Erith Station. In all the times I had been to Rainham, I had never been on the path so Friday seemed the perfect opportunity to break the habit. Heading west along the path, I began to take in what I was seeing and noticed various things. Firstly the amount of rubbish/driftwood that the Thames washes up, the mixture of urban and natural elements combining together and way the views changed as I followed the bends in the river. Knowing that I would be walking back the same way, I decided that I would only photograph what was in the direction I was walking i.e. shoot facing west on the way and shoot facing east on the way back. The knock on effect of this was that I was able to really enjoy the walk and only photograph key points of interest as I saw them.

Heading back towards Rainham (looking east), it was interesting to see what I had missed as well as how the same areas looked from the opposite direction. Like before, I only photographed the key points of interest but unlike before, the bends in the river were much more noticable giving greater contrast and showing the true scale of the Thames. In addition to this, I saw the connection between the rubbish/driftwood and the environment differently, making it more of a photographic opportunity than before. To complete my walk I returned to the visitor centre to reflect on my first experience of the London Loop.

Doing this small section of the London Loop has certainly whet my appetite to at the very least explore the other half of this stretch – completing the first 5 miles of it. If you want to find out more about the London Loop, you can do so by clicking here.


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