So that was March……

I don’t know about you, but the months already seem to be flying by this year, so much so that there was little time get out and shoot new images. However, though this may sound strange, I have really enjoyed having a month where I have revisited old images, re-processed them and used them on here. Like February, I entered my edited version of an image to One Photo Focus challenge, and as I said last time, if you want a little project to help you try new techniques and get ideas, it is great.

One thing that I missed out from last month though, was a second ‘Favourite Video Friday’ post so I hope to get back into routine with this next Friday.

Here are a few of March’s highlights.

I hope you are enjoying the new additions to CADEPhotographic this year and if you would like recap any of the posts, you can find them here.

One thought on “So that was March……

  1. Absolutely flying by, David, but thanks so much for finding and taking the time to once again participate in 1PF. I do love the old world effect you gave Cee’s photo 🙂 And thanks for the “plug” for forum!


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